Chateau Mitrowicz in Koloděje nad Lužnicí

It is a unique, romantic, and newly restored baroque castle of the Wratislav family from Mitrowicz, built in the 18th century. We dare to say that for most people it is it is a new tourist spot in the Region of South Bohemia.

Picknick u zámku s přáteli

The Chateau Mitrowicz is a unique, romantically looking, and newly renovated baroque chateau of the Wratislav family from Mitrowicz built in the 18th century. It is situated on the banks of the river Lužnice near Týn nad Vltavou, from where it can be reached via a special ship transport from June to August. On the representative floor, there are unique frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the diplomat Václav Wratislav from Mitrowicz called Tureček. In 1591, he set out on a mission to Constantinople to deliver a message from the Emperor and Czech King Rudolf II to the Turkish sultan. There, he was however accused of espionage, was arrested and spent a year and a half in drudgery and two years in the worst Turkish prison – the Black Tower (this is not the Black Tower in České Budějovice), which was nicknamed the grave of the living. In the chateau, there is St. Anne’s Chapel. In the park we can find a family crypt of the Wratislav family from Mitrowicz.

How to get there?

For your trip, you can make use of the bus connection. The direct connection from České Budějovice to Koloděje nad Lužnicí is not frequent, however, the Týn nad Vltavou connection is available at any time of day and there you can take a bus to Koloděje nad Lužnicí.