Educational nature trail “Along the shores of the Vrben Lakes“

If you enjoy exploring nature or want to see breath-taking scenerie in the vicinity of public transport, this is a great place for you. A better location for unforgettable walks with your partner or a quieter place to learn that you will not find in the city of České Budějovice.

Západ slunce nad Vrbenskými rybníky

In the sight of the Vltava and Máj estates in the city of České Budějovice, there is the nature reserve Vrben Lakes, which consist of a set of four ponds called Černiš, Domin, Starý and Nový Vrbenský rybník around which nearly two hundred bird species were counted, out of which more than 80 nest there. There are many water birds and interesting plants. The greatest experience is watching nesting of Black-headed gull in the Domin’s pond spring. There are about 2.000 to 3.000 pairs of them, and because of their cheerful screams you cannot hear your own words. In addition to the gulls we can observe wild ducks, geese, coots, diving ducks, herons, red-crested pochards, gadwalls, back-necked grebes, greyhounds, or common goldeneyes. The tree trunks of sturdy oaks, lining the ponds dam, serve as a refuge for many species of bats; around 800 species of butterflies live in the surrounding alders, such as the aquatic warbler, peach twig borer, measuring worm, fall webworm, etc. Over 400 species of higher plants are found on the reservation, such as water caltrop, flowering rush, whorl-leaf watermilfoil, lesser bulrush, and reed.

How to get there?

Located on the suburb of the city, it is necessary to travel by public transport. This peaceful nature reservation is only a few dozen meters far from the final stop “České Vrbné”.