Farmer Festival Holašovice

People from the whole Czech Republic will go to this peaceful village during the Farmer Festival. Various musical performances of numerous genres and traditional crafts can be experienced. If you want to get to know the culture of the South Bohemian rural area, this is an ideal event for you.

The typical South Bohemian village Holašovice is situated 15 kilometers west of České Budějovice on the edge of them Blanský Forest. The village represents a unique preserved set of farmhouses, which were built during the 19th century in a specific way, i.e. farmer’s baroque style. There is still an intact form of the ground plan solution, parceling and building structure, which is an example of village urbanisme from the period of the peak of medieval colonization. Thanks to this, Holašovice is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The village annually organizes the farmer’s festivals in July, where more than two hundred folk artists and craftsmen come together every year. The foundation of festival is a folk craft fair with examples of traditional and nontraditional crafts from all over the Czech Republic as well as from abroad.

How to get there?

Frequency of public transport to this typical village, awarded as a UNESCO monument, is usually low, but at the time of Rural celebrations it is much better. You can take a bus from České Budějovice to get there.