Lasertag and Caseroom in the City of České Budějovice

Would you like to experience some adrenaline? In that case, this is the right place for you! You can try to play an action shooter game which you will no other option but to love. You will use a specially modified weapon and the task is seemingly easy: hit your rivals and survive. Another exciting experience you can get is during an escape game – just cooperate with your friends and solve tricky task together.

Studenti s lasergame puškami

The laser shooting action game is played in a dark, specially modified arena. The game takes 15 minutes and the task is to hit your rivals and “survive“. Before the fight begins, each player gets his/her own military helmet, which serves not only as a protection, but also as an attachment of hit sensors. In addition, the player receives a special weapon, which is unusual since instead of shooting bullets it shoots a laser beam on rivals. The company also offers teambuilding corporate events or Laser Tag birthday celebrations. Additionally, the company with its portable equipment is able to come to any place and at any time of the year and organize day or night tournaments.

Case-room is an action escape game designed to test team skills and logical thinking. Within 60 minutes you are locked in the room and your task is to resolve the assigned case and get out of the room. In the Czech Republic, this is becoming a very popular form of entertainment.

How to get there?

Located directly on the square, it invites to taking a nice stroll before the game and then for a relaxing walk after it. Some of the nearby clubs, pubs or teahouses will surely be a suitable place for subsequent analysis of the experiences. No one can take your experiences away from you, so enjoy your student life!