Music Bar Velbloud

Many newly established bands as well as legendary ones perform in this Club. Every student should definitely experience the unforgettable atmosphere of this Club.

The legendary BAR-CLUB Velbloud has a unique atmosphere. On its stage, performers of various musical genres from the Czech Republic and abroad perform. It is known for its multicultural focus, space for performances, and offers presentation to everyone without differences, except for actors promoting any opinions suppressing human freedom. The club organizes live concerts, DJ productions, music projections, and theatre performances. According to the organizers, the aim is to “enrich the cultural life and cultural coexistence in České Budějovice in the form of an experience that we are trying to provide in good faith to all people regardless of age, gender, religion, political affiliation, or other unnecessary prejudices.“

How to get there?

The club is located in the wider city center and it can be easily reached by walking from the city center. When you go home from the club, you can use night lines of public transport. However, thanks to the quality of entertainment, the guests of the club will not use these night lines as they return home early in the morning or in some cases go straight to school…