Music Club K2

Because it is the longest-running and legendary multicultural club in České Budějovice with a unique atmosphere.

During the week, the quests are mostly students. During weekends, there are various events such as live performances of bands, DJs, and theme parties that are a part of a rich, regularly updated program. The K2 Club has a broad range and organizes many original and live events. The club was reconstructed in 2015; not only the interior was innovated but the loudspeaker system was upgraded as well, which is why the K2 Club has one of the best sound systems in the city.

How to get there?

The K2 Club is located in a quiet area, but very close to the city center. You should definitely take a stroll, and when you go home from club, use night lines of public transport or call a taxi.


Sokolský ostrov 462/1, České Budějovice

GPS: 48.9751458N, 14.4698175E